Complex Nickel Legeringen

Properties: High Temperature Alloys, Heat Resistant, Corrosion Resistant, Creep Resistant
Applications: Aero Engine Parts

Incoloy 903381.0*15--BAL0.71-3-
Incoloy 907381.0*13--BAL0.11.5-4.7-
Incoloy 617542212.59--1---0.07 C
Incoloy 7004515293-43.32.25---
IN-100 (PK24)6010153--5.54.65--1.0V, 0.06 Zr
IN-73861168.51.752. Ta
IN-7926112.7923.9-3.24.2--4.2 Ta, 1.0 Hf
IN939 (Nimocast739)4822.419-2-1.93.7-11.4 Ta
Incoloy 80740208-526---1-
SRR99658.65-9.50.1*5.52.2--2.8 Ta
Nimonic 90572016--5.0*1.52.5---
Nimonic 9147.528.520---1.22.3---
Nimonic 105/1085315205-1.0*4.71.2---
Nimonic 115/1185715153.5-1.0*54---
Nimonic PK314920144.5-10.42.3-5-
Nimonic PK335619147-0.522---
GTD 11159149.*34.9--2.8 Ta, 0.02* B
GTD 2225022.519-20.25*1.22.3-0.81.0 Ta
RA 33345253.53.53.518--0.5--
Rene 4152191110-5.0*1.63.2---
Thetalloy (PWA 651)492512.5373-----
Waspaloy5619144.2-1.5*1.43--0.1 Zr
Astraloy5615155.25-0.2*4.43.5--0.03 B
Udimet 500 (PK25)5317.516.54-4.0*2.93.9--0.04* B
Udimet 52056191261123---
Udimet 6005217.516.54-4.0*4.22.9--0.04* B
Udimet 700 (Rene 77)5215154-0.5*4.23.5--0.02* B
Udimet 71053181531.50.5*2.55--0.035 B
Udimet 72053181531.40.5*2.55--0.045 B
Mar M-246609102.5100.155.51.5--1.5 Ta
Rene 8060149.544-35---
Rene 88551613440.252.13.75-0.70.02* B
B1900 (PWA 663)648106--61--1.0 Zr, 4.0 Ta
B19146610103--5.55.3--0.1 B
B192561128.51.84.5-3.54--0.1 B, 4.0 Ta
B1950 (Mar M-200)60910-12-52-10.12 B
B19645991018.5-3.55.3--0.16B, 2,5 Ta
MAR M-002591010-101.0*51.5--2.5 Ta, 1.5 Hf
MAR M-247588.5100.6100.5*5.51--3.0 Ta, 1.5 Hf
MARAGING 20018-8.53.2-BAL-0.20--0.03* C
MARAGING 25018-85-BAL-0.40--0.03* C
MARAGING 30018.5-95-BAL-0.65--0.03* C
MARAGING 35018-11.55-BAL-1.35--0.03* C

* indicates maximum

The figures shown are nominal compositions of the various alloys. For more specific information please consult our technical staff.

This information is the result of a rigorous and exhaustive study of many sources. Whilst the greatest possible care has been taken to ensure its accuracy, Ireland Alloys Ltd cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions that may have occurred during its compilation. Acknowledgement is made of the various tradenames, which appear for reference purposes only, that have been used in assembling this data.