Nickel legeringen

Properties: Heat Resistant, Corrosion Resistant, Acid Resistant
Applications: Chemical and Food Industry, Aero Engine Parts

Hastelloy A571.0* -21-19-----
Hastelloy B621.0*2.5*28-5.5----0.4 V
Hastelloy B2661.0*0.75*28-2.0*0.4*----
Hastelloy C27656162.5*1745.50.4*---0.35* V
Hastelloy C2254212.5*1435.0*0.4*---0.35* V
Hastelloy C454161.25*16-2.0*0.4*---0.35* V
Hastelloy D851.0*---1.0*--4.0*-9 Si
Hastelloy F45222.5*61.0*18---2-
Hastelloy G4422-6.51.0*20--22-
Hastelloy N7270.*0.250.25---
Hastelloy R6615.51.5*5-7.0*2.22.5---
Hastelloy S6815.5-14.5-1----0.5, 0.4 Si
Hastelloy W6352.5*24.5-5.5----0.6 V
Hastelloy X47221.590.618.5-----
Langalloy 4R65--30-5-----
Langalloy 5R 5716-1755-----
Langalloy 7R5823-625--6--
PE 7371825-351.21.2---
PE 106420-62.5----6.5-
PE 113818-5.2-340.82.3---
PE 1348221.590.618.5-----
PE 164416.5-3.5-331.21.2---
Illium G5722.5-6.4-6.5--6.5--
Illium R6422-5-6--2.5--
Inconel 60075.515.5---7-----
Inconel 60160.523---14.11.35----
Inconel 6256121.5-9-3---3-
Inconel 6906129---9-----
Inconel 7027915.6---
Inconel 70641.5161--36-1.75-2.9-
Inconel 713C7213.4-4.5-1.5*6.21.0*-2.3-
Inconel 7185318.5-3-18-0.8-5-
Inconel W (722)7515---
Inconel X (X750)73151--70.92.5-0.9-
GMR 2356315.5-5.2-103.72--0.06B
IN-1627410-420.56.51-12.0 TA
Incoloy 8003220---47-----
Incoloy 8254021-3-32
Incoloy 9014212.51.0*5.7-350.35*2.9---
Incoloy DS3718---42----2.3 Si
R555223-428--6-4.0 Si
AISI 310 (HK)2025---BAL----2 Mn, 2 Si, 0.35 C
AISI 330 (HT)3515---BAL----2.5 Si
Nimonic 757720---5.0*0.150.4---
Nimonic 8074202.0*--1.5*1.32.2---
Nimonic 816530---1.0*11.75---
Nimonic 8664.525-10------0.15 Mn
0.03 Ce

* indicates maximum

The figures shown are nominal compositions of the various alloys. For more specific information please consult our technical staff.

This information is the result of a rigorous and exhaustive study of many sources. Whilst the greatest possible care has been taken to ensure its accuracy, Ireland Alloys Ltd cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions that may have occurred during its compilation. Acknowledgement is made of the various tradenames, which appear for reference purposes only, that have been used in assembling this data.