Tungsten Legeringen

Properties: High Hardness, High Density
Applications: Cutting Tools

Densalloy Magnetic--296--2----
Mallory 1000--6BAL----4--
Heavy Metal--3BAL----7--
Tungsten Carbide S26--BAL-7----8.0 TiC
Tungsten Carbide S38.5--BAL-5-----
Tungsten Carbide D210--BAL-5-----
Tungsten Carbide 78B9--BAL-6----8.0 TiC
Tungsten Carbide 788--BAL-6---4.0 TaC12.0 TiC
Tungsten Carbide 3504.5--BAL-6---12.2 TaC12.2 Tic
Tungsten Carbide 3708.5--BAL-6---8.0 TaC11.5 TiC

* indicates maximum

The figures shown are nominal compositions of the various alloys. For more specific information please consult our technical staff.

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